Hyundai现代汽车 《Eco Parking》

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Plastic pollution is reaching alarming levels.

Hyundai, a brand that works to make its vehicles more environmentally friendly, created Ecoparking.

At a beach car park, located in the tourist destination of Sanxenxo, we installed a special device where parking time was paid for by recycling plastic containers.

This action in a public space raised awareness about caring for and respecting our beaches and oceans.

Experiential advertisement created by Havas, Spain for Hyundai, within the category: Automotive.

Advertising Agency: Havas PR, Madrid, Spain
Chief Creative Officer: Jesús Lada
Creative Director: Fernando Zurita
Copywriter: David Díaz Carretero
Art Director: Elisa Sánchez
Account Manager: Rosa Galera
Account Executive: Ana Moraleja
Head of Production: Raquel Pérez Navas
Producer: Alba Somoza
Editor: Jorge Montero
Production Company: Tact Studio
Social Media: Santiago Guzzo