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Noam Weissman剪辑师专访:我的性格让我成为一名剪辑师


专访 文 / zouzou    2019-01-17



Noam Weissman拥有30年的影视剪辑经验,在数以千计的影视作品剪辑经历中,他收获了相当丰富的经验。从广告到电影电视剧,从简单的剪切到复杂的视觉特效,时间的长短和多样的要求都限制不了他,他几乎掌握了所有类型影片的剪辑。过去两年他开始在上海生活,并剪辑中国商业广告,至今已经积累了一定数量优质的中国广告作品。

30 years of valuable experience as a film editor is enough for Noam Weissman to make a name for himself. He is capable of editing films of almost every genre, from commercials to feature-length films and TV episodes, whether it's a simple cut or a complicated one, he is always up for the challenge. He has been living in Shanghai for two years and so far has worked on quite a few commercials of remarkable quality.




Major Works


OPPO "Gulliver"

Mercedes Bentz “All new GTC” 

PPDAI "I Trust You"

Alibaba "To the Greatness of Small"

General Tire "Let Them Be the Witnesses"


近期Noam Weissman为梅德赛斯奔驰剪辑的三条新片出街



Here we have 3 new ads that Noam edited for Mercedes-Benz

which, we are sure

will give you an idea of his editing skills

Mercedes Bentz_All New GLE_CN






Mercedes-Benz is a global sponsor of the famous USA Golf Masters Tournament,

broadcast on US national TV

Noam Edited 2 of a 5 spot campaign, in New York




Mercedes USA Masters_BRAND_Almost Human



Experience Speeds Things Up


在那个电脑如面包一样笨重的年代,甚至连剪辑软件都还未问世,Noam Weissman就开始了他的剪辑生涯。1984年高中毕业后,17岁的他响应国家制度去服了兵役,在枯燥的训练生活找到了他永不乏味的兴趣——剪辑军队电影。没有老师指导,也没有如今高效便捷的剪辑工具,Noam用当时算是先进的磁带剪辑机自学成才。1989年开始剪电影和电视剧,到现在,他的“剪龄”已经有30余年,不夸张地说,他见证了也经历了剪辑行业的发展。

Noam started his career when computers were still large and heavy like tanks and no video editing software was yet available. In 1984, he went to serve in the army at the age of 17, right after high school graduation. The training was not really enjoyable, but he was engaged in editing films for the army in his spare time. It was with the cassette tape editor that he learned the basics of video editing. It's been 30 years since he started editing films and TV episodes in 1989, and it's fair to say that he has witnessed the development of the industry.




Noam is well known for his ability to finalize complex projects in short, sometimes unrealistic schedules, yet maintaining high quality editing. 


这支小米Xiaomi E5手机的广告片,总共90秒,好几个场景来回切换,当时预计8天才能剪好。但Noam明显低估了自己的效率,他最终完成这支广告的初剪只花了预计的一半时间。

In the 90-sec spot of Xiaomi E5, deadline has left less than 5 days of editing, for a project that would normally take no less than 8 days. Round the clock editing managed to send an approved cut to an extensive post production work, That had only a week until the deadline.




Then there was the Alibaba "To the Greatness of Small" campaign. 3 long videos, shoot and edited in South Africa, Slovenia, and on the plane back to China in order to meet the deadline.  In his case, the old saying "Haste makes waste" doesn't really apply.




When asked about his secret of high efficiency, Noam said being familiar with all the assets was the key to productivity. The way he sees it, the fact that you are given all this footage means every single bit of it could be potentially useful. Also, an in-depth knowledge of all the footage is necessary when it comes to analyzing the tempo of a commercial.



Furthemore, looking back on his career, he understands that the vast amount of films and commercials he had already edited, puts him in a position of “Been there, done that...”, as with the experience gained in so many different kinds of movies, he rarely takes the wrong path of editing, saving him, the director and production a lot of time. 



Another important thing is the script, that includes both the concept board and the storyboard. Only when you are well-acquainted with all the material can you get a better idea of where the story is going and what the final film shoud be like. This in turn helps you locate the parts that resonate with you, i.e. the climax of the commercial. It is impossible to set the music aside while editing a film. That's why Noam also tries to look for the right kind of music himself. Years of experience has provided him with a good sense of art and he can always find a proper approach to every project.




Although he is already an expert in commercial editing, he has also been trying his hand at different genres, namely, feature films, TV episodes, documentaries and whatnot. In his words, "A different way of thinking always offers you a new perspective". Noam believes it's impossible to get the best result when you are under a lot of stress. If you are having trouble getting a long version finished, you can always cut a short version that includes the most important parts first. This way it would be much easier for you to work on the long version later.





Chinese culture is all about fabulous stories



Noam thinks Chinese culture is amazing and should be the theme of more local commercials. In "OPPO Gulliver", Yang Yang is clearly frolicking in a place that resembles the land of Lilliput, whereas the girl is obviously sitting in a Chinese home, this is an encounter where East meets West, highlighted by the Chinese character "Fu" and Christmas trees.




The spot had a heart-warming story and the proper use of VFX only added to its effectiveness. For Noam, it is the example of an "ideal Chinese commercial". Having participated in quite a few Chinese projects, Noam already has a good idea of how to work with Chinese clients. There have been times when his suggestions were rejected, but he would always try his best to make his ideas known. "The decision is up to the client, but I believe in my skills."


这份自信不是没有由来,Noam清楚地知道什么样的作品是受大众欢迎的。他举了一个有趣的例子,在交A Copy时他不会跟着客户和代理商一起盯着屏幕,而是会观察他们的表情,根据他们的表情判断影片的哪一部分能抓人眼球。Noam多年以前就开始使用这种方法,直到在可口可乐公司的工作经历中,他知道了这个方法的专有名词 —— Millward Brown Link Copy Testing。在正式开拍之前,“Link”通过分析观众看动态脚本时的面部表情来测试评估TVC的有效性。

And his confidence is perfectly justified. He knows very well what thrills the viewers. WHen he presents the A Copy to the client and the agency, instead of watching the film with them, he observes the facial expressions of the client, this helps him decide on the most engaging parts of the film. Noam used this method many years before he got to experience it’s digital version, Millward Brown Link Copy Testing, through his work for Coca Cola. “Link” tests  evaluate the effectiveness of TVC, by analyzing viewers facial expressions, while looking at an animatic edit of the storyboard, prior to shooting.  





I Was Born to Be an Editor



Although he is not from China, he has always had a taste for Chinese culture. He is learning Chinese and has his own Chinese assistant, so working as a bilingual editor poses no special problems for him.  He is already an experienced editor on this land and he longs to cooperate with more local directors and production companies.





In a certain way, the editor of a film is like another director, or at the very least, the editor must have the same vision as the director. As a matter of fact, Noam has also done a bit of direction himself, but that is clearly not the right career choice for him. "I did not choose to be an editor, I was born to be one." As you can see, his career choice was determined by his character.



 We can get a rough idea of Noam's character from the nice talk we had with him - he is meticulous, honest, and never lacks the courage to keep walking. We asked him if he had any plans for his future, he thought for a few seconds and responded, smiling, "Not really!". We have reasons to believe that, in those few seconds, he actually thought about the question carefully and realized he really didn't have any plans. Still, we didn't detect any uncertainty in his tone. He also told us that he was looking forward to working on more projects with talented Chinese directors, "China's commercial market is obviously thriving and I'm ready for any kind of challenge!"




Whether you are a director, a production company or an agency, you are welcome to discuss your project with Noam if you are interested in collaborating with him. Language is not a barrier and his bilingual assistant is always available. You are also welcome to contact our customer service assistant if you have any trouble getting in touch with him. TVCX is like the bridge that links you and the right one for your project together!

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